October 9th, 2004


And then the world exploded.

Showtime is on my shit list. They're offering Odyssey 5, but are leaving out episodes. Their line-up lacks eps 7, 9, 11 and 12. WTF? Who would DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS who is not innately stupid or evil? And so I'm watching eps and all of a sudden things have dramatically changed--there's a wife I don't know about who is already gone, and Mrs Astronaut has been told about the mission *again*, and argh. I want to kill them. Plus, when I tuned by chance into an episode that was airing the other day, and recklessly decided to watch it, I was fucked over with one of the most massive spoiler ever.

I don't want to ask for episode copies. I just want this to be on DVD. Why are so many pinheaded suits in the world controlling what's available to us?

See my icon. Giles is also unhappy with them.


::reads flist::

::reads this::

::makes helpless gibbering sounds of want::

Because others should perhaps not surface as quickly as I did, gasping and looking around wildly for more story, more more more, I'll note that this is a WIP. A cruel, leather WIP.

Go to koimistress. Poke her. Lick her. For god's sake, do something! She must not be stopped!

ETA: Yay! Koi unlocked her post, which I hadn't realized was locked in the first place. So I can unlock this one and update it, and reveal my frothy and perhaps not quite attractive gibbering to the world. (This post was originally made at 1:19 a.m.)