October 6th, 2004


you know...

"Kick the Stones" by Chris Whitley is my Spike/Riley song.

Just FYI.

I should be embarrassed about this, probably, but why pretend. Also, it's not the lyrics, but the fact that it's imprinted on my brain set to mental imagery of them rolling around on a picnic table, and I'll just be shutting up and going back to work now.

fic fodder

Fantastic, personal little article in Salon that I hadn't seen before--Like a Virgin, by a woman who suffered a traumatic head injury and amnesia and had to relearn her life, and whose boyfriend behaved with the classic sweetness and sensitivity of the hurt/comfort lover familiar to us from fan-fiction. Ha! This lends the prop of plausibility, at last, to all those h/c lovefests and amnesia fics I've wallowed in over the years.

Article tag: "Having sex for the first time after amnesia was like the real first time, but without Journey playing in the background."

Worth getting a Salon day-pass for. Also, if I haven't mentioned it before: Salon is an ass-kicking media resource, worth paying for. I recommend subscribing. You can always halve or, uh, trilve the cost by going in on a shared subscription with friends.