September 28th, 2004



barkley pointed out this article from, which if not edifying, contains the quote, "Keats played the prayers on an endless loop for seven days and nights -- a standard Biblical time period -- while control-group flies listened to live talk radio."

My morning is dadaist.

cesperanza (or Ces "Insta-Rec!" Peranza) has posted a new DS story that I must read when time permits--now, god damn it, now!--i.e., after work.

I know I'm not the only one who finds missing commas amusing. From
    John McClane: Sister Teresa called me Mr McClane in the Third Grade. My friends call me John...and you're neither shithead
Actually it occurs to me that it doesn't work so well because "friends" is plural, but nevermind. For some reason I was just drawn to browse the quotes page for Die Hard.
    Hans: Mr. Takagi, I could talk about men's fashion and industrialization all day but I'm afraid work must intrude, and my associate Theo has some questions for you, sort of fill in the blanks questions...
Ah, Hans.

The lovely and wine-sodden katallison on the joys of slashing from the ground up, so to speak--or from thin air, which is maybe the sky down? But I babble. Kat is like a walking Insta-Rec all herself.

And rivkat has a cool entry from her commonplace book of captured phrases. I need to start one of those, because I have a hundred pages thumbed down in books on my shelves with passages and sentences I meant to post here in LJ. Mental note to self that I will immediately forget or ignore.

kjv31 an interesting point about the proposed ending to BtVS S7 that never happened. What would Buffy do if given one wish for anything in the world? Would she really bring back Tara, or her mother? It's an impossible decision. Why wouldn't she bring her mother back, after all? Would we be expected to believe that it's only the more recent grief that motivates action, or that Buffy is somehow selfless enough to leave her mother dead while bringing back Tara for Willow?

There's something about this I can't reconcile; maybe I'm missing some logic of Joss's that would have explained it, had he filmed it. Both deaths were "natural" in a sense, in that magic wasn't responsible. I suppose Buffy could have wished for her mother's return and been told that, yes, it's possible, but the cancer would inevitably just return and kill her again, in which case this makes bringing Tara back the more obvious--if "second-best" decision. (You know I don't really believe she's second-best, but you have to wonder about Buffy's instincts--her mother's her mother, after all.)

Anyway. I must do worky things. Pffft.


Cube across from me:

::phone rings::

"________'s office, how can I help you? ...Hey, Kafka! Let me see if he's in."

I think I misheard that. Maybe.

I'm sleepy.

It's extremely odd to go back and watch old MST3K episodes, especially if you look at the commercials. Like just a few years ago, Toyota was advertising cars to the tune of "I'm Too Sexy" and Wayne Knight was shilling for "Relenza." Not to mention that in the ep, filmed in '97, Mike and the bots were making jokes about Costner in The Postman.

Time flies--at Mach 5.
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