September 26th, 2004


rec & a question

I noticed something called International Rec a Movie day, or some such, meming by on LJ a while back. In a belated way I thought I'd recommend the movie Coming Soon. I've recced it before, but it's worth doing it again. It has Ryan Reynolds, Mia Farrow, et al, and I remain ever boggled at the low ratings this gets on movie sites like Maybe because of misguided mis-marketing, it seems entirely misunderstood, rented primarily by boys who think it's a madcap sex romp a la Porky's, who then get pissed off and confused when they watch it. It's really a coming-of-age movie for a female sensibility and its comic edge is much softer and more subtle.

Anyway, there you go. My question ties in with the movie--obscure question, since there's probably only one and a half of you who've seen it besides me--but there's this song in the movie called "Stream" that I'd love to find a copy of. I can't read the band name from my fuzzy credits; I think it's "The Sunny ________" something or other, but I've no luck googling. Possibly this band is so out of the mainstream I'll never find the track for sale or otherwise, but I live in hope.

I'm kind of subpar this weekend for no especial reason. I went from cafe to cafe today, staying out of the apartment for as long as possible, but now I'm back and don't know what to do with myself. A vague sense of physical tiredness, of being over-strained, hovers at my margins, telling me I should not go work out, and none of my pastimes appeal.

Philosophical question of the day--should a person really live life as if each day were her last? Or would that make you act out in nutty ways, spending too much money, gorging on cake, grabbing strangers by the collar and dragging them into alleys for sex? And what happens after 10 straight days of that, or 20 or more? I really don't know the answer, I don't know whether I'm not living each day to its potential, or whether that piece of advice is just one of those banal maxims that go largely unexamined. I know that the underlying meaning is probably something like, "Be alert to joy, be aware of the moment and everything going on around you," etc etc, but really, that's just one angle you can take, isn't it? It's open to interpretation.

I think I may have a headache, but I'm not entirely sure.