September 23rd, 2004


Thursday is hereby officially renamed Prefriday.

As I was taking the elevator down on my way to lunch, I looked around me and thought, "If I started beating these people with my umbrella and yelling, 'Gnomes! Gnomes!,' they'd have quite a story to tell their friends." And then I wisely did not laugh maniacally and goose the person in front of me.

But here's something I wonder about. The other day there were these custom jewelry stalls in Pioneer Square, a kind of impromptu one-day sale, I guess. And as I went from vendor to vendor I saw a lot of things I might be interested in buying later. But almost none of these craftspeople had (a) business cards, or (b) web sites. One woman said, "Yes, it's a shame, but if we put our stuff up on a web site, people will steal our designs."

Uh huh.

Luddites! Luddites!

Although, what do I know. Maybe in the fast-paced, high-stakes, cutthroat world of Seattle jewelry design there's pilfering going on right and left and you can't be too careful.

I had a peanut-butter and banana sandwich today. Half, anyway, plus a hard-boiled egg. I got full fast. We'll see what the shelf-life of a PBB is.

You guys are so great. All those sweet responses to my last post. Like Ces, I'm kind of verklempt. Also kind of sleepy. Am looking forward to prancing around the gym after work to the new songs I've discovered, Erasure's remixed covers of "Solsbury Hill." Fantastic! If anyone has any other good remix/cover recs, especially club-beat stuff, I'm open. I tend to dislike ones where they only take a single line or two from the lyrics, because that gets old fast. (Though I'm fond of at least one exception to the rule.) And this is reminding me--I heard a very soft folk cover of Abba's "SOS" the other day. Unexpectedly compelling. I must remember to find out who did that.


I now have two more covers of Abba's "S.O.S." One perky one by the A*Teens (thanks, bleu_lavande!), and the one I was looking for, which was not at all "soft folk"--it was a much faster and more finger-pickin' country version than I recalled, but I'm pretty sure it's the right one, and it's cracking my shit up. I recommend it to everyone. It's by the Meat Purveyors--I've actually been meaning to follow up with them for years now, ever since I borrowed a coworker's CDs. Must check out some more of their tracks on iTunes.