September 21st, 2004


rec of the day

Following katallison's example, I have to rec the highly cool Due South AU by thehoyden, Academic Punk. It is seriously some kind of wonderful. I mean, how could you not love a story that offers this quote:

"I first came to Chicago on the trail of documentation referencing letters that Wyndham Lewis wrote, and for reasons that, well, don't bear exploring at this juncture, I was persuaded to apply for a position."

Of course, the joy of a well-done AU is reserved for people who know the show.

In other news, boggle along with me, I somehow dreamed this morning of a crossover between West Wing and The Sentinel. Jim and Blair were in the military together--and lovers, though that wasn't relevant--and had done something heroic, like saving the life of someone important. Meanwhile, there was some congressional voting hot-button issue that had everyone in a dither. Some pinhead newbie at the White House mishandled it and Sam resigned in protest, along with someone else I can't recall. The President and Vice President were both women, but when a meeting was called about the problem, Bartlett was POTUS again. Everyone was very nervous about having to tell him that Sam had resigned, but in the furor Jed cut through the bullshit and said that they should go right to the eyewitness source, so they called Jim and Blair to the White House to meet with everyone. At first they came in full-dress uniform, but Jed sent them away to change into casual clothes.

And then I woke up and had to come to work, which was probably for the best.

9-minute miscellany

The other night I caught and watched an episode of Odyssey 5 on Showtime. That's the show featured in the now famous (infamous?) "...and then the Earth exploded!" vid from Vividcon a while back. For some reason I'd thought this show was regular cable--Sci Fi or something like that--and that Showtime just happened to be running it, but in fact I think it was originally with Showtime. In any case, the first time I heard a character say "motherfucker!" I perked up with more attention. It's a cool show, visually interesting, sharp, and an immediate interest-grabber. It doesn't seem to be on DVD, which is too bad, and it also didn't come up on the On Demand menu. I pout. The world should be ordered to my convenience! Just so you know.

I've refrained from posting a lot of stuff about my exercise regime here, mostly just because, but partly because that sort of thing can be a touchy subject, laden with ambivalencies for people. For example, there have been plenty of times when I've tried very very hard to embrace the fat-acceptance principle on a personal level (rather than a broader, more philosophical one that applies to other people and to society and so on), and at those fragile times other people's writings on weight and beauty issues--the whole subject is a news-article industry--can rub me the wrong way as often as the right. Anyway. Yesterday I hit a highly symbolic weight-loss milestone and I'm very giddy. Yay, me!

(My trainer tries to get me excited about strength and endurance milestones, but they're not so well-marked as weight loss, because we're not really tracking those things, like on charts. Still, it's all good.)

I feel like I had more to say, but I have a meeting now.