September 10th, 2004


spam, spam, chocolate and spam

I had a serious train of thought chugging last night, the what-if of winning one hundred and fifty million dollars. I planned all the houses I'd buy, and promised myself to set up a Fan House where fans could gather and stay for free, and then decided that I'd give at least $50,000 each to the 50 people closest to me--choosing that number at random--including people on LJ that I might not have met. Then my mind wandered into worry about the effects of giving money to people, because there should be no strings attached, and if there aren't strings attached, people can of course talk about their windfalls, and if they do that, it's likely to be divisive and cause hurt feelings here and there among people I didn't give money to, and from all this will erupt a massive, volcanic flamewar to end all flamewars, which will be talked about for years afterwards, and even the people I did give money to might come to resent me, because $50,000 isn't enough for their needs, and so I devised a system where I'd give those 50 people debit cards, and they could just take whatever they needed from a shared account with a generous credit line.

And then I remembered that I'm probably never going to have a hundred and fifty million dollars and that I should go to sleep because I had to get up in the morning and work.

Because I was grasping for blathery straws earlier today when I was writing this, I offer you places to eat in Seattle if you ever visit, presented to you by me, me being a person who doesn't really know enough about Seattle. Basically, these are places I eat at. Some more often than others.

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