September 9th, 2004


generic meme #4330476

Because I aim to fill eternity with drivel.

What I have on my desk at this moment:

- my laptop
- my BIG ROBOT HEAD monitor
- earplugs
- my pretty, new, leather, ever-so-girly Tignanello purse
- an empty, pink Hello Kitty tin ("What a Lady!")
- a box of everlasting gobstoppers
- a rock engraved with the word "energy"
- a plaid-covered notebook
- a purple uni-ball Signo pen
- caffeine-free diet pepsi
- a large "Ever-Fresh Coffee" mug
- a working phone
- a green jam-jar of pens
- ferny post-its
- our team rotation schedule for the next few months
- a pencil sharpener I almost never use
- a lamp I snagged during one of our office reshufflings