August 31st, 2004


Still Life with Tuesday

I've been asking for things to do at work, but still have very little on my plate so far. My summer replacement leaves Thursday, so after that things will pick back up. Meanwhile I feel like a new hire again--a lot of thumb twiddling and eyelid drooping, interrupted by bathroom breaks. When I get truly desperate I read articles on our intranet, the corporate equivalent of reading the backs of cereal boxes. Just now for the first time I read the warning label on my laptop. WARNING: To reduce risk of serious injury to hands, wrists or other joints, read Safety & Comfort Guide. I'm not sure I got a Safety & Comfort Guide. Must remember to sue.

I just finished reading the new Denise Mina book, Deception. Wow, that was bleak, huh? I liked it, but finished it thinking, ouch. Now I'm reading Frances Fyfield, a name I've been seeing on bookstore shelves for years. I'm quite liking her, though she's got some stylistic idiosyncracies, which include occasional oddities of punctuation. This was exacerbated in the last book of hers I read, Blind Date, which--and I'm not even kidding--was apparently sabotaged by a disgruntled editor with a degenerating brain tumor. That's the only thing that could explain so many typographical and grammatical bizarrities. I hope. Still quite readable.

I'm more upbeat today, still tired, and quite quite bored.