August 4th, 2004



I spoke too soon: my tooth socket is infected. It's okay, though. They took out my jaw and my brain and now I feel just fine. Hello, Vicodin.

I wonder if this is why I've been so tired this past week? Well, that plus the stupid nocturnal twitching, I guess, which is now attributed to one of my anti-depressants, so I've been switched to something else. I'm really glad these things are happening while I'm not at work.

Is this one of those things where I can ask people to amuse me? Probably, except everyone else on my flist seems to need amusing too. I think I will try to write.

for the love of spam.

I'm now too spacy to focus on writing. And I was going to ask a question, but I can't remember what it is. So I'll ask another. I stopped reading Stephen King a while back when I stopped keeping up with the horror genre; now I'm reading his book on the craft of writing, and I want to read a novel of his that I haven't read before--something after, say, It. Something genre, not one of his non-horror departures. Does anyone have recommendations?

Also, get this: I have a neighbor with a smoke alarm whose battery is failing. It's not someone who's gone on vacation and left their window open, because I usually only hear it at night, when they're presumably home. Just imagine--I mean, seriously. Somewhere nearby is a person who is residing in the same room with an intermittently beeping smoke alarm and doing nothing about it. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I don't understand this crazy world we live in, but thank god it has kittens.

not quite porn

As I've mentioned here, I'm finally well along in a story that shaped up to be workable for the Spander Ficathon, but it took a while to get there. These are my first several attempts--three short drafts that gasped and died on the page that I'm unlikely to ever do anything with. When I was at my most desperate, I briefly thought of fleshing these out and writing two more for a patchwork story that I'd have called "Five Kinds of Love." Fortunately that passed.

I'm so very restless tonight.

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