July 16th, 2004


what's the mood icon for...

You know that feeling you get when you've been sick for days and you wake up at five a.m. and know that the worst of it is over, but you're still gripped by this strange torpor that leaves you aimless, like you don't want to sleep anymore, but neither also can you think of a good reason to stay upright and awake?

Okay, maybe that's specific to me.

You can learn from my mistakes!

1) Don't get summer colds. Just don't. When they come knocking, ignore them, and burn any tracts they slip under the door. If they call for you in the ghostly voice of doom, hang up. And don't be afraid to kick them and pummel them until they cringe and slink away.

2) When your nose is abraded from constant blowing, don't use the hand you just used to chop lemons to spread lotion around your nostrils, for they will scream.

::limps to couch::

tech question

Does anyone ever have a problem with downloads through Mozilla? Using IE, I'm fine; using programs like iTunes I'm fine. But when I download larger files like MP3s through Mozilla, it often puts some kind of break in the song. Like, it will save the entire 4 minutes of a song, but the song will consistently stop after 2 minutes no matter what application I play it with.