July 8th, 2004


the art of life

My landlord came over today and did fixy things and cheered up my apartment. He is one half of the best landlord team in the universe, or at least the city of Seattle, and if they don't raise my rent, they may hold that title indefinitely. We got to talking about dim sum and after some chat he concluded with an open invitation to "sometime" go with him to the International District to try it. In all my nearly six years here, I've never really confirmed whether he and the landlady--different last names--are a couple or not. He's friendly with me in a correct way that I'm so far entirely comfortable with (and when it comes to male attention, my radar pings for "creepy" pretty quick), though sometimes I've thought "Hmm" for about 2.5 seconds. Anyway. I feel pretty today, oh so pretty. I got a haircut yesterday described by the stylist as a "Halle Berry" look and though I was dubious I was also desperate, and then delighted. Plus at the salon they offered me a robe and served me complimentary coffee in a china cup, which the lady put on a table that she carried over to my side, and all in all they made me feel like a well-groomed cat.

It's been a good week so far, knock on wood.

I'm late replying to the comments on my return post, but I will, as I have more leisure than usual to do that sort of thing. Though leisure is relative. Since starting leave I've been busy more or less all the time, and that begs the question: if it takes all my time just to live my life when I'm not working, how the hell do I do it when I *am* working? I haven't even been writing all that much to account for that time. I asked my therapist this but she disclaimed any easy answers. I worry about going back to work and having everything fall apart. I need to maintain.

I have added a song to my happy list: Kids in America by the American Juniors. It's perkier and poppier than the Kim Wilde version, and I got the Muffs cover too just to balance out the pop with some snarl, but though I feared the pop, I've become a slave to it. Slave to pop. That should have been my title.

Tonight I'm going over to sherrold's to garden and have dinner. Saturday I'm seeing Carmina Burana with anaxila and kjv31. I can't remember the last time I've had two things on my social calendar at once. Where will it all end?! It's me. I'm not usually so social. I knew that if I could achieve a life of leisure, life itself would be richer and more relaxed. Now if someone could just give me their lottery winnings, we'd be all set.

As a side note, I was all set to ask you guys if anyone had ever had a weird technical thing happen where all of a sudden your computer started scrolling and putting a million return lines in whatever editing program you were in. Then I realized that my Enter key was stuck. I feel proud of this deduction. Next I'm going to figure out how those long strings on my shoes work.