May 25th, 2004


wuad fha adhfadflha

Somewhere right now someone is writing the novel of the future where everyone has names like Proselytizing G. Origami and Elementary P. Diesel and Diverse T. Anniversary. Or has already written it.

I'm thinking about getting rid of my cable package. It blows my mind--now that I finally think about it--that I'm spending $1,000 a year on cable. On the one hand, it's only about $2.50 a day, and if I watch 2.5 hours a day, that's a dollar an hour. Not too bad. On the other hand, MY GOD I WATCH AT LEAST 2.5 HOURS A DAY and that's just wrong. Except I really just surf and let whatever crap is on at any given moment play in the background. I don't know. I'd lose Queer as Folk. I'd gain...well, the tiny possibility that I'd actually do something other than watching TV.

::twiddles thumbs::

Am counting the minutes until my leave starts. Fourteen thousand three hundred thirty-nine to go.

ETA: Does anyone remember a movie made in the last year or two that may have had the word "Time" in the title and was based on a sci-fi story, I think, and involved jumping through time? I thought it starred Heath Ledger, but I think I was wrong.