May 24th, 2004


yadda yadda la da dadda

Since May 17 I've had no alcohol, candy, doughnuts, pastries, chocolate, potato chips--no sweets or evil snacks whatsoever. On top of that, I'm not reading LJ. I'm thinking this partly explains why I have so little to say. I'm as dull as a Mormon or a Palm Beach matron, and everyone and his spawn seem effortlessly funnier than me.

I watched the WB's Superstar USA last Friday and I'm watching it again tonight. Reality shows usually send my brain into a flatline of disinterest. I actually tuned in to watch this--a show that is maybe the second cruelest show ever conceived, right after the monstrously grotesque The Swan. I'm riveted though. Probably for peace of mind, I've decided that the whole show is a double hoax, a fake-out, and that the big reveal of the final episode will be on the audience--the contestants will turn out to be ringers, either actually talented and faking the badness, or in on the joke. I honestly can't believe it's as cruel as it seems on the face of it, and there's an ineffable something about the publicity quotes and presentation that suggests fakery. It calls itself a parody--and maybe it is, completely. But I'm prepared to hate myself if I learn otherwise at the end.

Quite horribly, I'm crushing on Briggs. He reminds me of someone, or a whole bundle of someones mashed together. I can't put my finger on who though.

This weekend I slept, and slept, and then slept some more, and read Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed, which you should only read if you own a small terrier or kitten to cheer you up afterwards.

Highlights of today:

- I bought a pineapple for the first time ever and successfully sliced it up.
- I donated my old car to the Seattle Emergency Housing Service.

Coming up next, more sleep. Yay!