May 14th, 2004


I feel almost like an adult.

I've bought a car. I've been to the dentist. I've visited a CPA. I've done my taxes! Well, the CPA did them. Also, I checked with the nice lady--"Can I now be one of those people who say, 'My accountant...'?" She gave me permission.

It's all so responsible of me. I really liked the CPA. She was highly recommended in our company wiki--she's straighforward and quick, knows everything about our company quirks, and she's savvy. She took even my lamest financial gaffes in stride and gave me good advice. I feel all empowered now. Well. Maybe sixty percent empowered. Sometimes you need a professional to deliver common sense, like: yes, transfer your balance off that 25% interest-rate Discover card to a better one. (Um. I didn't know I was paying 25%. Because I usually ignore that kind of stuff.) So I came home and picked up my latest offer that I was planning to rip up and trash--10% rate for balance transfers, free Dell computer--and said, hey, guess that looks pretty good.

So. Good CPA. And good new dentist, I think, but he isn't my new oral guru or anything. I mean, he said I needed braces, and screw that. I so don't need braces. I have straight teeth. Plus I'm just not paying through the nose for a mouthful of metal. :>P So he'll have to deal with that.

This responsibility stuff is kind of fun. Boring to read about, maybe, but--given that I don't owe the government a thousand million dollars--fun. *g*