May 12th, 2004


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Someday I'll catch up with Angel and I'll be like, "Eeee! Squee! [*garbled noises*] And the--with the--eeeee!" And you'll be all, "Yeah, Anna, we watched that six months ago."

My week so far:
Therapist: "Yeah, you're fucked up. How's next Thursday at 5:00?"
Dentist: "Five crowns and oh, you need braces. But we'll talk more on Monday."
Manager: "I don't know what we're going to do without you for three months. But don't feel guilty!"
Actually my manager--who is new--is being amazing. Almost everything I've been doing these past few weeks has been with the aim of preparing for a leave of absence. So far, so good. It is looking like early June.

I'm kind of out of it at the moment. More than usual.

I've only just started reading the ficathon stories, but already have come across several great ones:

  • Freaking by entrenous88
  • Never-Ever Land by shrift
  • Closeted (+ several more chapters) by kimberly_a
  • Three's a Crowd by savoytruffle
  • Knowing Style by paperk8

    The last one had the effect of making me realize once again that I'm out of synch with my kinks. I can write *about* my kinks, but I can't *write* them. They aren't being translated into actual stories. My stories are good. I can admit that. But they're not giving me a white-hot fever of 103. I need to get back in touch with my inner porn-child or something.

    I just got my period a few hours ago. I just feel like saying that. You know, like I'm talking to some imaginary nameless reader who is struck by the word "period" and winces, mildly put off by seeing it mentioned right out there! in public! in the world! And I want to say, "Deal with it! Sometimes I want to let the world know that I'm having my period! Get over it!"

    I need to stop yelling at the invisible people who live in my head.

    Therapist: "Do you ever hear things that no one else hears?"
    Voice in My Head: "Don't tell her about the voices!"

    Just kidding.

    ETA: LJ is also having its monthly period. She is playing with me and eating all my edits.