May 3rd, 2004


the stuff mondays are made of.

I'm in one of those remembering-my-dreams periods. They come and go. Last night I had math final-exam anxiety dreams. Oh my god, I didn't answer all the questions, and if I don't, I won't graduate! Fun. Also entered a alternate universe in which a network of hundreds of communes ran along the west coast, their home schooling programs heavily funded by Microsoft. For some reason I was visting one and they were having an award ceremony for the kids. Billy Crystal was the special guest MC. Later I dreamed that I was stranded out in the middle of the ocean and my boat wasn't coming to pick me up. So I swam to shore.


(1) Rubywisp posted her hot S/X clubbing story (the dancey kind of clubbing, not the violent troll-whomp kind of clubbing), FDR. Sharp, funny, snarky, with lots of neat word-play. I hug this story to my bosom. *g*

(2) Stolen from BBF, Queer Eye for the Spike Guy. Somewhat unflattering to Spike, and what he does with the tanning lotion is incomprehensible, but I thought the story was hilarious. Has what I consider to be very mild spoilers for the current season of Angel.

My god, Monday is always so thrilling. What shall I do today? Fly to Tuscany for a wine tasting, take my rock band on tour, or just sit here in my cube and move my plastic frogs into new sexual positions?

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I want it to be Saturday so that I can read all the S/X ficathon stories.