April 30th, 2004


damn all alarm clocks

Had a dream this morning set in thebratqueen's Protocol universe where Angel is having sex with Wes and afterwards Wes asks: why did you call out "Bat"? Not accusingly but curiously. And Angel says, "Damn him." And confesses that it refers to Spike, aka Bat-Boy, and then recounts a bit of their history back before Spike got his soul, where Angel was giving a commencement address and Spike planted three pounds of C4 under the dais and then left, heading upstairs toward the roof of the big mansion they were in, and how Angel found the explosives and got on the paging system and called out Spike, calling him Bat-Boy and telling him he failed, with everyone still in the auditorium, and of course (Angel says to Wes), Spike turned around and came right back down, pissed as hell, and walked right into the auditorium where they had it out in front of the whole audience, Angel implying that this is so very Spike, personal safety be damned if it's a matter of pride and a round of fisticuffs with one's mortal enemy is called for.

And then I woke up. I must have gotten the commencement address from the bit of West Wing I saw the other day, where President Bartlett speaks to Zoe's graduating class.

It wasn't even my real alarm clock that woke me up, it was my mental one that wakes me pointlessly, too early, at the same time every day. I'm going back to bed now for a bit longer. Jeez.

mesmerizing acorns

Destina, darn her, posted this link, http://www.orisinal.com/, and I went and clicked on the duckling (three over, one down) and I made all the little acorns go swirly! So pretty! Pling... pling... pling...

As she pointed out, this is mouse-click crack. I'm afraid to touch any of the other game icons. There's one with kitty cats!
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the pigs make me happy, anyway.

The Worst Project Manager in the World is standing alone in the hallway holding a binder, forlorn and bemused, as if waiting for God to speak to him. I pass him on the way to the bathroom.

TWPMitW, forlornly: No one came to my meeting but the room.
Anna: .........

Yes, TWPMitW, this is your life.

It's Friday at my company and that means the shit has hit the fan. Something disastrous always seems to happen on Friday. I'm what's known as the policy on-call this week, so I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting to publish some content I wrote on the go-ahead of Legal, who are reviewing it with the CEO. All of which is nicely vague, so I didn't reveal anything, did I? Good. It's a big important company, by the way. I must be a big! important! person! Not sure why they pay me in cowrie shells and root-beer, but it must mean I'm highly valued. Two years ago, as an annual bonus, I got a plastic slinky. Last year, a t-shirt. This year, the sky's the limit!

Meanwhile, I'm stacking pigs.