April 26th, 2004



Since last Wednesday my job frustration has reached critical mass. Though I'm not thinking seriously about quitting, I'm thinking about applying for a three-month leave of absence. It would mean cashing in about 25-30% of my stocks, though, to (a) live on for three months and to (b) buy a used car.

I continue to look back in anger and curse my woolly inattention to our briefly skyrocketing stock price last fall, which would've meant a lot more money.

I am really not in a good mood. My baseline has been lower than usual for the last month or so. I feel in danger of sinking my teeth into someone's throat and shaking them to death. I am hyper-sensitive to everything right now. I am thinking of getting a t-shirt that says, "Fuck you and your shitty cologne." Or maybe I should just buy a large hammer.

I've written over 15,000 words on my Spander Inquisition story though. That's something.

anaxila brought Godivas by my desk today for no reason. She gets a place on my lifeboat when we hit the iceberg.

Blah blah blah.
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QAF 4.2 "Fairy Power"

Yeah, I named it and went with the obvious. Why do I have this power of naming, you ask? Because I am a fairy Brian Kinney ("God") spoke to me through my tv screen one day and told me this was my mission in life and that I am pretty much useless for anything else and should get the fuck up off the couch and go do something. He's so blindingly honest. You can find my chutzpah-driven episode titles here, not yet updated. I decided to take sisabet's advice and go with "Money Talks" for 4.1.

But I have nothing to say about the ep that others haven't already said better. seperis collected several reviews for reference, and chase680 made some great points about the episode's plot problems that I agree with.