April 24th, 2004


visions of spike

Dreamed this morning that Spike was having visions of someone in trouble, I can't quite remember who. Dawn, maybe. He had visions all the time--he was vision guy now. Angel was listening to him recount the vision but it was so fuzzy in details that he decided it was useless and left. After he did, Spike showed Fred the vision effect, which was this area of "snow" like you used to see on TV stations without a signal in the BC era (Before Cable) and it was spreading out from his torso through the rest his body like a transporter dissolve. The stronger the vision, the more staticky he'd get, so this was actually a strong one.

Fred went into her little booth and began taking measurements of the vision strength via a wave receiver. Normal visions never went above three but her digital reader started clicking up, up, up--3.4, 3.8, 4.1, all the way up to force 8, as on a Ricther scale, and it wasn't just a quick flash either, it was being sustained in an excruciating way.

And that was all.