April 21st, 2004


random blather that does not contain the word "sheep"

Google rules. I went looking last night for "Buffy/Ultraviolet" and found no fiction, but did find someone else on LJ who was musing on the crossover potential recently; and of course, fandom being what it is, our friends lists overlap a bit.

burntcopper raises one of the issues I had, about the nature of BtVS versus UV vampires being so different, like with what happens when they die. When I was thinking yesterday about what the ways a writer might approach a crossover, it occurred to me that you almost couldn't get around the necessity of having to spend a good portion of a story expositionally munging the two universes together. You'd have to come up with reasonable sounding explanations for why there were different strains of vampires and for how the UV agency and the watchers might be affiliated and so on. If you took ten random writers and gave them the assignment of writing that crossover, I bet most of them would take similar approaches to rationalizing and reconciling those points of conflict.

Also on google, I saw a blurb that called Angel "the WB's version of Ultraviolet" or somesuch. Er, not exactly, no.

I had more to say about UV in the comments of Monday's post, by the way.

You know that feeling you get mid-morning when you're sitting and staring off into space and you think, "I wonder what I should do today," and then you realize you're at work and you have to...work. You know that feeling? Sigh.