April 5th, 2004


This weekend I had something to say...

...but I didn't seize the moment and now my thought is gone, gone, gone forever. I got my Spander Inquisition assignment, a good one, and I actually wrote 2175 words. As you can see, I was so thrilled to have written more than eight words in one go that I counted them. So anyway, that was a tiny fruit-bat of fruitfulness to be had from the weekend. I also bought socks. And watched MST3K. And ate fudge. Oh, and I dreamed about zombies. That wasn't especially pleasant, actually. In fact, it was a tripartite dream of badness, where I (1) was planning to get married, (2) realized my gums were turning green with putrefaction, and (3) was forced to fight legions of zombies that attacked the dentist's office. The upside is that I was really glad to wake up and go to work.

That's it. I'm spent. The pockets of my mind are empty.


I thought I had it bookmarked, or in a folder, or that it would be easy to find by looking through my recs in memories, but no. I know I've asked about this story before, but if someone can point me to where it lives, I will nail the URL down this time so it doesn't blow away. Right, so--this story, I think it was miggy's, a WIP where Drusilla vamps Xander and he and Spike hook up in season two, while Dru & Angelus are distracted with their own love-birdiness. Spike is also pretending to still be crippled. Grrr argghh, where is this story?

ETA: Edited to protect the moody, i.e., me.
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