April 2nd, 2004


maker of lists

Note: I still update this post pretty regularly for my own reference. :) -- Anna, Feb 10, 2006

I notice that it's Friday and I've been MIA all week. Time gets away from me and I had nothing to say, I guess. Among other things, I've been clearing my inbox at work (down from 700 messages to 7), and sleeping. Supposedly sleep is restorative, but for some reason I have to keep doing it every night.

I've also been making a list of songs I want. I've always been a good girl, paying full price for a CD even when I only want a single song. I'm pretty over that. It's easier to buy used now, but I still have a whole collection of one-hit CDs that I paid way too much for. Someday soon I'm going to start hitting up S. for freshly burned CDs, I think. I'm getting pretty desperate.

My mad and eclectic list follows. I think you should all study this list and try to profile my personality, upbringing, and age, and tell me what a freak I am, or how very similar I am to you, or both.
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