March 14th, 2004



I believe I've finished my latest story. Great Mother of Christ! Must edit and stuff, but am still all a-twitter.

Also re-read "Subtleties" today, for some random reason. The last time I re-read it, I decided I really only liked the first half and that the rest was kind of "off." This time, though, all of it made me very happy, and now I'm a kind of meta-happy. Not all stories of mine thrill me on re-reading. But it makes sense--the personal kink content on that particular story is like the fat content of sweet cream: 98% or something equally extreme. I just like to see Xander making Spike happy, and the reverse. I can't think of anything more happy-making than people petting Spike until he purrs. I've had this fantasy recently of Wes taking Spike as a slave--when he lacks a soul--then spoiling him until he's all slit-eyed and contented like a buttery-furred housecat.

I've got no idea what to do with the rest of my evening. My cable is fucked at the moment and I'm kind of wired and at loose ends. Damn it. I would kill for some hot new S/X. I mean, there are *certain* *people* I'd kill for this fix. I'd sacrifice them on the alter of slash and make gravy of their brains and such. That's not wrong, is it?

Such pretty boys.