March 4th, 2004


evil and other things

I had long, amazing dreams last night and it would be really cool if I could remember them. In the only part I recall at all well, Spike and Willow merged and became a new person, a woman named Nina, with all the benefits of both their bodies--like, a human's tolerance to sunlight, but also vamp strength and stamina. They'd appear as separate people when talking to each other, in the convention of shared-body movies. They somehow had a child, a little girl that Spike took care of while I was off flirting with a comic-book geek who vaguely resembled a serial killer. My dreams have been full of fannish characters lately. The night before it was Mulder and Oz. (A combination that puzzled me at first, then suddenly made sense.)

I signed up for rubywisp's S/X ficathon. Seems like lately there's a hundred thons going at any given time, and they just pass me in a blur, but how could I resist this? I poke you all to sign up. I mean, those of you who like that sort of thing. Wink wink nudge nudge...insert vague and complicated hand gesture here.

Massage last night has reduced my neck pain for the moment, knock on wood. Maybe I can get some work done today. The last two days I've been pretty useless, not to mention savage. In the grip of excruciation, I made a list of all kinds of things that annoy me--the sound of people cruching apples, heavy doors in public buildings, etc--and almost posted that. But the whim has passed along with the worst of it. I hope.

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