March 1st, 2004



I want to be paid for writing fan-fiction. Please? Currently my top project here at work is to build a wizard. Which sounds kind of amusing, I'm sure, but IS NOT IS NOT IS NOT. Imagine my job duties chunked by percent--there are several different types of things I do, all important. Now imagine that I'm assigned a task which, at first glance, should represent about 10 percent of my workload. Now imagine that this same task is 80 percent of someone *else's* workload. Like, it's their entire *job*. And yet I'm supposed to do the same job while also doing everything else I'm responsible for.

See, writing tales of romance and derring-do and derriere-doing should be my job.

At the end of the meeting I just had for this project I turned to the SME and said, "I have to crawl under the table and cry now."

And now, some porn. This is just a scene without a story. Orphaned, not especially pleasing to me. But! Porn! I need porn too. And schmoop. In equal amounts. Like one handful of peanut butter and another of jelly.

I need lunch.

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