February 27th, 2004


song question

Does anyone know what the song and artist are for the end of QAF 1.21, the one playing as we close on Brian sitting alone at the bar after Michael decides to go to Portland? The first verse of lyrics go something like this:
How many prayers and ----- belong to the clock
So many chances to see what you have and what you are not
You go to the water, go on your hands and knees
See what it gets you; well, are you so hard to please
I have had only dubious luck when googling.

riding the wild meme #1392...2343983082348

Um. A year ago I was writing a darkish fantasy that closely resembles the one I had just last night. I'm unsurprised, since variations on this theme have shaped my entire fictional erotic life, but it's kind of disturbing to see such clear evidence that I don't change. My current fantasy is in fact set in the exact same alternate universe, reprised for the hundredth time.

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