February 26th, 2004


those important updates

On the way home last night I glanced in through the window at the Half-Price Books near my house and saw that they had a whole cart of CDs on clearance for two bucks or less, so I went in and got a whole handful of really trippy and embarrassing stuff, for example, Michael Bolton's covers of "timeless classics," the soundtrack to "Empire Records," and a Rhythm Country & Blues CD where all the songs are duets between country and more bluesy artists, e.g., a cover of "I Fall to Pieces" by Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood, or "Somethin' Else" by Little Richard and Tanya Tucker.

Today I can't listen to them because my laptop headphone jack has committed suicide. Grr.

Other thoughts I had last night:

- I am soooo tired of SciFi's "Mad Mad House" commercials I can't even begin to express. Reality television sucks ass. Period. Except for Kyan and Carson and friends and they probably suck ass too. But in the good way.
- I am trying to puzzle out the new Quizno's ads, the ones that feature those bizarre potato-mouse creatures with the distorted faces and fangy mouths.
- Stephen Baldwin is a freak of nature. Especially when he is cloned.
- I may be the only person in the world who likes those truth anti-cigarette ads. I think they're clever and they're up front; they use commercial advertising tricks, but in the service of, um, truth. Whereas the McDonalds ad that came on just before it made me want to toss bricks at the tv: beautiful woman sits on the street sketching people, and ninety percent of the ad focuses on her exquisite hipness and then they slip in the shot of her munching down on mad cow with extra hormones. It pisses me off, because they're trying to say that their customers look like *this*--the co-opted image of a trendy vegetarian, really--and not like, say, *me*, a rather large, pasty woman with vacant eyes and chronic depression who can't shake the addiction to fast food and junk food and chocolate.

Thoughts I've had today:

- Dear Geek Who Sits Across from Me: Your laugh is annoying. I crush your head. Crush crush crush.
- Dear Person Who Refuses to Get Me the Information I Need to do My Job, Thereby Making Me Look Like a Shmuck: You are very lucky you don't sit next to me because I would toss peanuts at you over my cubicle wall all day until the patter of little nuts bouncing off your bald head sounded like a hailstorm.

In other news:

I watched about half of Smallville last night but without the sound, and really I wasn't watching at all, just thinking of Xander and Spike while eating chicken. I taped Angel. Someday I will catch up, I will. Damn it. After I finish my current story. Which will be...someday.

P.S., look at the icon anniesj made. We share the Femme!Spike love. It is good.