February 21st, 2004


uh huh

For the first time in days, I feel a resurgence of love for fandom.

I have been trying to write today, and have written a little. Soon after I started in earnest, I spent twenty minutes staring into space trying to think of something that was vaguely like a soup tureen but not quite. Writing is "fun."

I have been compiling Xander songs today. I don't have many, but okay, so far:
1) "Some Fantastic" by Barenaked Ladies (courtesy of a fabulous vid by Laura Shapiro)

2) "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel (because Xander deserves some joy)

3) "No Such Thing" by John Mayer
Mostly the third song, really. I love to think of Xander when I hear it.

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Xander makes me happy. Me and Spike.