January 28th, 2004


It's Wednesday.

I'm back and I'm getting really creative with subject lines.

Boogie down, people.

(The irony I want to convey only works if you imagine me delivering those words in the flat, anesthetized monodrone of Ben Stein. It's a weak kind of irony. I'm more than usually humor-impaired right now.)

I've been wanting to reply to comments on my last post all week but work has been bedlam. I got e-mail today with the subject line "aurelius bedlam" by the way. First I thought it was spam and trashed it, then I thought, wait a minute, maybe it's a strange sort of story feedback and wouldn't that be cool, what a funny subject line, I bet someone's going to say clever things about the madness of Captain Aurelius, so I went to look, and of course it was spam.

Nothing much to say here, very uninteresting. It's dark and raining, I've been having boring Spike/Riley fantasies, I should have bought that almond croissant at lunch, I'm going home now.