December 23rd, 2003


holiday rec

You've probably already read annakovsky's The Weary World Rejoicing, but if not...sniffle.

Looking out the window this morning, all I can think is: the world's about to end. I should be somewhere else right now. I should be a different person all together.

Something something something.

To feel a giddy, unexpected love of the world today, you should probably go read kormantic instead. Because she is lovely, lovely, lovely.

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    So there.
  • elijah

    Officials say...

    "This cow was not a terrorist threat to America."

    Nonetheless I'm now warily eyeing the beef I just brought home.

    Along with the beef I bought over a hundred dollars' worth of groceries. This is not typical of me. I buy food for two or three days at most. Tonight I bought water in gallon jugs, fish and poultry for immediate freezing, back-ups of things I already had--milk, peanut butter, oatmeal. I bought frozen beans. I never buy frozen beans.

    I'm just a little nervous about the cow terrorist threat.