December 7th, 2003


faux pas

Sorry about my last post--I hadn't realized I'd linked to something that was friends-locked. Those new journal styles can confuse the eye, I guess, because I actually checked for a lock icon first, yet still managed to overlook it. I've removed my last post because obviously, duh, I shouldn't be referring to something that someone has locked. Wish I'd caught that before I went to bed. :>P

In other news, I am having the mild, mid-weekend panic that comes with the realization of having wasted all one's precious time. Like a midlife crisis, every! single! week! Whee!

I've decided Riley Finn is the new blue. Or at least, blue for a day. Run with that thought! Don't drop it!
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    The Ballad of Lucy Jordan

just the facts, man.

It really sucks to set yourself a goal of writing 30 pages--that is, about 15,000 words--in two days, and achieve instead 772 words in two days. It was a stupid goal to be sure. But I keep whipping my hopes on and failing.

Chain by Irfikos is a great story just recced on BBF. I gulped it down in under two hours. It's a smart reimagining of season six and it absolutely rocks--in the same dark, saddening way that the best parts of season six rocked.

Like most of you I have to go to work tomorrow morning. This necessity is, however, a special crime against *my* nature. Because I am a princess.

I've decided that's it for tonight. No more risible, unproductive attempts at productivity. I'm going to curl up in the sheets like a pillbug and listen to CDs and imagine Riley nuzzling Spike's neck.

Though I may leave my computer running for a while because I am an addict....