December 6th, 2003


I eat your brains. Mostly.

Right, so:

1. Did anyone create a comprehensive memories list for people's Vividcon vid reviews?

2. Did anyone else's Vividcon DVDs have a flaw at the end of the first disk that makes the last 3 or 4 vids unplayable?

3. There are two places to top off antifreeze in a car, the radiator and the coolant reservoir. A mechanic for AAA told me that you should add it only via the radiator, but I can never get the cap off so I always add it to the reservoir. Am I going to hell for this?

And, because I'm a saint who likes to give back to the community kind of bored and avoid-y, I'm going to offer myself up for the meme where you all can ask me a question, any question, and I'll answer it. Not necessarily with the truth, but probably not with nursery rhymes.

It's been a geological era since I last did this, during which new and mysterious people have friended me, so if you've never posted a comment before now, please try to make your question as revealing as possible so that I can learn more about you. For example: "Just out of purely theoretical curiosity, Anna, and not because I have any perverse kink, do you think you'd enjoy dressing up in a furry badger costume, and is there any chance you might be visiting the Twin Cities area soon?" Details like this will prove useful for filing police reports and compiling Tupperware party guest lists.

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chicks: slaves to the mighty hormone

Evidence that this time of month is Special:

1. When I watched the "Lady Marmalade" vid off the Vividcon tape last night, I cried. No, I mean, I *cried* the *entire* way through the vid, chest-crushing, nearly hysterical sobs. Those of you who've seen this vid already will be backing away slowly and nervously now.

2. I've been back in the Riley/Spike zone for the last few days. Souled Spike is miserable with remorse and self-loathing and so pathetically grateful for Riley's attention that he keeps butting up against him, crying and trembling like a puppy. I made myself cry thinking about it.

3. The Sallie Mae phone menu enraged me to the point of hand shaking and solitary screaming just now. I nearly broke the phone as I slammed it down repeatedly after being disconnected for the second time. If I'd actually reached a human being, I probably would have told them to go kill themselves for the pure shame of working for Absolute Evil. It should be noted that I'm actually *in* customer service and know how it feels to be on the receiving end of insanity. However.

I am scary right now. Are you scary? Please share.
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