November 25th, 2003



Two Ladies of Quality have the first chapter of the Career Change sequel up; the sequel is Career Advancement, and the first chapter, it's just called Chapter One. Love this series.

My office is dreary and I'm surrounded by geeks. They're very nice geeks, I'm sure, but the increased density of employee flesh surrounding my personal space is working my nerves. The ceiling lights are off, like, all the time and every day is grey. I used to like having the lights off, but lately it's just soporific. I think I need another lamp and one of those upright folding screens to close off the entry to my cubicle.

I need a patron saint of cubicles to get me through this day. Cubicles or editors.

Memic Revisions

10 Unpopular Opinions
A Random Number of Disappointing, Over-Hyped Movies

Because I am very bored. Where three stars does not actually equal three stars....

* = Contemplated Messy Suicide
** = Yawned So Hard I Broke My Jaw
*** = Ehhhh, YeahSureWhatever

Matrix Reloaded = *
Attack of the Clones = *1/2
Harry Potter 1 & 2 = ***
Lord of the Rings & Two Towers = ***
Terminator 3 = *
Pulp Fiction = ***
Solaris = *1/2
The Ring = ***
Vanilla Sky = *
Shanghai Knights = *
Identity = ***