November 24th, 2003


no no no no no no

It's not Monday. No.

kjv31 cracks me up this morning with his thoughts on the Slash Demon. Hee:
In some fanwankery way, the Slash Demon comes to Sunnydale and flips everyone's canonical sexuality over, so Buffy likes Willow, Willow likes Xander, Tara likes Spike, Spike likes Giles, Giles likes Riley etc. [...] Xander seems curiously unaffected due to his continued attraction to both Buffy and Willow. Or is he *really* unaffected?
Yes. Exactly.

kjv31, I had a dream about you night before last where we were sitting around your apartment with the Avon lady, watching movies and discussing my makeover. Let's not examine this too closely, 'kay? 'kay.

seperis wrote a fantastic post on the language of fannish subtext that I've decided is required reading. Please read the text and comments 1-47. There will be a quiz Friday.

If only my clone could be here at the office for me. I've got, like, four more scenes to do on my current story. Eep! But I find that I get so little writing done on weeknights these days.

Also, can I take Friday off? Must ask. Hmmm.

There is no snow.

sad chickens

God. Mark Morford's news blurbs are not always spot-on, but the fascination of them is that they're like little stories. They're as good as fiction--better, in fact, than lots of stories I've seen. Case in point.

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I'm also reminded that I meant to rec Take This Longing again, now that it's done. A great, dark Angel/Wesley story by wesleysgirl and piedmargaret. Someday I need to figure out why some dark stories make me shudder and flee for the antidepressants and then curl up in a fetal ball under my desk until they take effect, while others, like this one, are a happy shade of dark that give me joy in my viscera. Hmmm.