November 22nd, 2003


Sheep of the universe, rejoice.

thete1 reminded me tonight of one of my most favorite stories ever, Tetchy by Debchan. Jayne/Simon, Firefly, fucking beautiful. Rereading it makes me realize how much I miss that show--cannot wait for the DVD. Can. Not. Wait. There are still eps I haven't seen, not counting the ones they didn't air.

thete1 also reminded me, by way of prompting me to reread my own porn, that I wrote Spike/Angel back in 1998. Except I called them "Krycek" and "Skinner." It's really rather eerie. I couldn't wallow in the stories closely--it's hard for me to revisit my older stuff (it requires me to turn off so many parts of my mind), but what I skimmed was a nice surprise, nothing too egregious.

By the way, I read "Bobby/Hank" in Te's rec list and briefly thought it was "King of the Hill" incest fic. I'm an open-minded sort of chick, but...nghhhhaahhh! (That's my version of the little shudder Buffy gives every time she does a shot in "Life Serial." And dude, I *just* got that pun for the first time this minute. Man am I lame.) In fact it is Marvelverse fiction, so the world is safe.

Must go read "The Tale of the Shining Prince" now, as I haven't come across it before.