November 11th, 2003



So I'm refining my law, which maybe I'll call Anna's First Law of Business Travel, which says: "As soon as your plane touches down safely at your destination, your computer will crash." This morning I couldn't boot up at all. Took it to local tech guys here at the call center, who took one look and said: "We'll have to re-image. You're going to lose everything on your hard drive." I mentally said, "Shyeahhh, I don't think so." Except with more expletives. Then called the Seattle team, who assured me they could fix it when I returned without any loss of data, if I wanted to wait. Which of course I do. But this means total downtime until Thursday morning--in terms of business I can accomplish, anyway, since all my docs and programs are on my drive. And I won't be able to do any fiction writing tonight or on my return trip.

Other than, I'm deeply tired, have travel stomach, and want this day to end. It's been a change of scenery though, which is nice.

This is a boring entry, I know. Everyone who's friended me in the past week or two is probably questioning why they did right now.

Another meeting for me now. My Xander icon represents the comfortable state of mind I hope to reach when this trip is over.