November 9th, 2003


a trip

I'm getting ready this morning to fly to ND. It's not jaw-crackingly early, but it's early enough that I'm re-experiencing a wish for personal transporters. I'll arrive in ND about twelve hours from now, around six in the evening. I'm grateful it's not covered wagon, of course.

Have decided to e-mail my draft of next noir to S. in case I die. I always set out on each trip with the thought in mind: "If I die..." If the plane crashes, it'd be terrible if all my recent work lay moldering on my hard drive while my body lay in fiery pieces on the tarmac. Posthumous publishing, please.

My landlords will just have to suck up the fact that I am--was--a lazy slob, if they are required to clean out my apartment. S., you can have my Queer as Folk DVDs. You and A.--just take anything you want, okay? Cool. Show my landlords this post if they kick up any fuss.

I suppose I should really go pack. I'm kind of moody and lonely this morning and full of nerves. And still very tired. Suddenly got my period yesterday. Well, I say "suddenly" when nature has this habit of coming around once a month and bleeding me dry, so it's not as if it were unexpected. But anyway. Nothing like soaring above the earth at twenty-thousand feet when you're crampy and psychotic. They should just put me in a cat carrier.

I'm feeling the need to say "I love you" before I go off to war North Dakota. So, I love you guys. And now, for the love of humanity, I'm going to go shower.

Hello, North Dakota.

Travel is all about minor annoyances. Until your hotel toilet stops up. And then it's about murder.

All in all, not a horrible trip from city A to square B. I anesthetized myself most of the day by playing out revised scenes from stock fantasy #366733, starring Viggo in Aragorn drag as some guy named Sehr, and Spike as the brutally abused slave who finds his way into Sehr's kindly, manly arms.

Insert stock rant #234467 about the miniscule size of airplane seats here.

Am going to bed early. There is snow on the ground. I ate pumpkin cream pie. My hat has a cow.

Oh, and I'm alive.