November 7th, 2003


Dirty Girls

I've discovered that Spike/Faith basement scene in "Dirty Girls" still makes me clap and honk like a deranged seal. I have plenty of big, hairy issues with S7 BtVS and haven't rewatched any of it yet, really. But compare Marsters/Spike in a scene like that with what we've gotten so far in "Angel." Bleah.

My enjoyment of AtS so far this season is not supercharged. And dragging down what pleasure I am having is fandom itself. I think I'm going to stop reading any posts at all about the season. I'm tired of the meta baggage that's piling up around it. It's getting to where the subject alone irritates me past reason, even when it's people I really like discussing it. Also, whenever someone uses the phrase "Spike fans," I grit my teeth. Because it's almost never being used by someone who is a Spike fan and has happy things to say.

Also, I dreamed last night that I was pissily debating Spike's characterization on someone's LJ. I should not be dreaming this.

I'm traveling to Grand Forks, North Dakota on Sunday on a business trip and have today off. Must fix flat tire, get hair cut, do laundry, finish porn for Annie, go to IHOP. Not in that order. Fix tire, eat bacon--those are my immediate goals.

But first I must complain about those stupid M&M commercials where people *act out* other commercials--why? Also, I'm confused by the Biore commercial where the woman has tiny little people disco-dancing in her nose pores. Maybe I needed sound for that one.

I still don't understand any of this--the misogynistic priest, the First, Evil's plans for Spike, the ubervamps, the giant bloodsucking seal, the Anti-Buffy, the wine cellar, Buffy's tragically ruffled jacket. Did anyone ever do an exegesis for S7 to explain the mytharc the way those brave pioneer souls did for the X-Files?

Oh dear god. They're rebroadcasting "Beverly Hills, 90210" from the first season--with the classic cheesetastic credits. MY EYES, MY EYES!


Bacon will make it better.

porn for Annie

When you say it like that, it sounds like toys for tots. Maybe we should have a porn-for-Annie holiday drive.

It's short, it's careless, it's weird. It's sex in a shower! Buy it for your kids today.

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