October 30th, 2003



Mysterious new LJ user analiese is alternating catchy fiction posts (Spikey-Faithful bent, post-BtVS AUish setting, and so far no spoilers for Angel S5 that I can see), with absolutely wonderful episode analyses like this one of "School Hard." It's rare these days to find someone commenting on old episodes with such fresh and detailed insights. I love it.

(I know my adjectives--"Fresh! Insightful!"--sound like the trite praise of a movie reviewer for your local weekly free press, but just because I'm lame doesn't mean you shouldn't click.)

Right now I am watching Michael Rosenbaum get killed with Draino in "Urban Legends" after finding his puppy microwaved. So sad.

Also, what's up with that Marie Callendar commerical for pot-pies? Implying oh so misleadingly that somewhere a kindly grandmother is rolling out dough with her floured pin and hand-popping peas to make the filling? Lying bitch. I've had those pot-pies, and I am here to attest: no. Though I noticed they could not make the chicken look like anything except cubed pressed meat despite their million-dollar ad budget.

Yes. Yes, I am wasting my life. Thank you for asking.

random horror observation

Watching the very end of "Halloween" it struck me for the first time what effect they were going for: they do this sequence of shots showing the hallway, the living room couch, the street, the house fronts, all very prosaic and familiar to us, and over this they slowly edge up the volume on the Halloween mask breathing which has signified Michael Myers' POV. It's to say: here are the streets and houses and rooms that you know so well, and here *you* are viewing it all, wearing your mask and listening to your own close, claustrophobic breath. The killer is close enough for you to hear him breathing--he could step out of a closet or come down the hall at any moment. Either that or *you're* the killer.

Not a very deep observation, but cool. It's still an amazing movie twentyish years later. (I wonder if it still scares the crap out of kids, though, especially if they wind up watching it on a channel like FX, where the fuckwits cut away to a commercial just as the neighbor turns the porch lights out on Laurie and JLC is screaming as if she's really about to be knifed. Jesus.)

Carpenter, at his best, really gave good atmosphere, like in "The Fog."

We need a new horrormeister to step up and kick the genre. Kevin Williamson seems to have moved on. Oh no, wait, I was wrong. Kewl. And, okay, that cast list officially cracks me up.

Hey, my bed just peered out around the corner of my bedroom door and said, "Bitch, kiss my fat white pillows." Must heed and go.