October 29th, 2003


state of the anna.

I just had my mid-year review. My manager thinks I'm doing a wonderful job. That sound you hear is my hollow, self-mocking laughter, the sickly ha-ha-ha of guilt and self-odium.

The crappy morning I had prior to the review is still dragging at me. I'm terribly hungry and am going to go eat dead cow now.

This is like a parody of the tritest livejournal entry ever.

I need a book to take with me to lunch, but I left my current mystery at home. On my cube shelf are a William Gibson and a Dorothy Dunnett. I've started each book three times, and can't get into either of them. I'm probably going to lose a lot of points on the Dunnett. She's been recommended to me by a dozen people, but her sentences wear on me. I keep thinking if I keep trying I will one day just slide into between the pages and find the groove and finally get it.

Need cow now.