October 27th, 2003


Wes is a big girl.

So says mimesere, making me giggle.

Spam of the day:
Who do you think is the dirtiest woman in show business? Christina Aguilera - music Anna Kournikova - sports Alysa Milano - TV [I'm gonna hafta go with "Alysa." Filthy little cookie.] Catherine Zeta-Jones [Who apparently represents no entertainment medium.] What if you could go to a website and see these women plus thousands more showing skin either on purpose or by accident? [What if? Is that really a "what if" kind of a question? I mean, surely I could do that right now without your help?] What if you could see . [A mysterious elision!] Everyone has spent a time or two stroking to their favorite star. [Well, true enough.] We have just made it easier for you to do it. [I actually find it incredibly easy to do this on my own.] This is not SPAM. This is the result of your affiliate with google. [Riiiiiiight.]
Thanks to the timely heads-up of kjv31 I was able to record Nicholas Brendon's movie, Pinata: Survival Island, aka "Demon Island," off AMC last night. Pause a moment with me and consider. "Pinata: Survival Island" ... "American Movie Classics." Uh huh. I watched a few minutes of it also, a gripping scene where the fabulous animated flying pinata-headed demon ("Aiyeeeee!") chased the Buffyish spandex-clad girl through the woods. The shots of NB were of the yum, though. He had a tattoo! I will need to get very drunk and sit down with some popcorn to watch this sometime soon. I mean, pinata-headed demon. It just begs to be MiSTed.

Apparently someone scheduled a Monday for today and didn't tell me. I'm obscenely well-rested, though. It's kind of strange. Must focus on work today. So I order all of you *not* be distracting or funny or pornful, because it's just not on, hear?

Uh huh.


Random insane rant of the day: When you write an e-mail to someone in your office and you add some people on the CC line so that they can view the response because THEY NEED THE INFORMATION TOO, and the person who replies keeps DROPPING THEM OFF. Reply *ALL*, you moron!

Must...find...zen. Must...make...fist of death...icon.


I told people not to distract me with porny goodness today, and ladycat777 blithely ignored me and offered a little slice of Pittsburgh. And now I am all happy, because of course I'm a complete liar. I always want more smut and romance and the rescuing of pretty tomcats from the cold, cold snow. I will now do the happy dance. It involves scarves, muffin juggling, and a lot of alcohol. Don't watch.


That subject line is my sole Halloween pun for the occasion. Make it the punchline of your next Spike joke!

So, Annie was extolling the joys of essaying earlier today and I'm the laziest girl ever, but then a story came along that made me so meepful that I thought I should try to give a little extra oomph to my rec, especially since it's by an author I don't think I've read before. It's a WIP and it's on FanFiction.net, but it's worth watching and worth the trip.

Just Another Saturday Night in Sunnydale, by Poshcat.

This is Spike/Buffy, set in season six before "Hell's Bells" and it's sharp and snappy and all things fine, brimming with Spike love and with kindness to Buffy. And...and I'm still very lazy as it turns out, so instead of yammering on about why I like it, I'll just quote all my favorite lines and then it will be obvious why. The problem is that you shouldn't read all the choice lines below because then they wouldn't sneak up and surprise you as you read the story. So you should read two or three and then say, "Why am I still reading quotes when I could be reading all of it? To hell with it, I will click through to FanFiction.net because I trust Jasmine Anna, She Who Walks Among Us, Her Royal Yumminess, My God, Yes!"*

Collapse )

*My head is really only average-sized. No. Really.


Okay, this Pinata movie of Nicholas Brendon's is silly crap, but more watchable than some bottom-of-the-barrel gorefests I've allowed to corrupt my tender little mind. For one, it has lots of eye candy; for two, one hunky piece of that eye candy is NB. This is him at the peak of his hotness. Also, my threshold for embarrassment is set very, very low when it comes to watching fan-favored actors in other roles--I often cringe and avoid--but I am not at all embarrassed to watch him here. He dones fine with what he's given; he's not playing some teen-movie dork in a way that'll make you facepalm. He gets to be all competent and manly--he tells people to conserve water! he tosses leaves in the air to check wind direction!--and we get many, many shots of his buff arms.

Also, GIP! I mean, really, isn't he pretty? I wish I could have kept in his tattoo, but I had to crop it.