October 26th, 2003



Is there any kind of script site, like the marnel one used to track LJ friends changes, that lets you plug in your LJ user name along with keywords to search back through your past posts?


I found that other Spike/Lorne snippet, at the end of this post. Reposting link for Herself, if no one else. *grin*

(I have to grin because even just thinking about the *idea* of Spike/Lorne makes me snicker at myself and realize what a loon I am.)

stories I'd like to read...

I was scrolling through that old post of mine just now, with the list of stories I wanted to read at that time. Funny how things change. I've realized that all the half-baked story sketches I'm always posting could pretty well constitute a list in itself. Clearly I won't be writing a Vamp!Fraser or a Faith-meets-Brian story anytime soon, but I'd love to read these, if I had, like, a second brain that I could assign to write things.

Another short list of stories I'd like to read:

1. A story where Spike visits Pittsburgh and fucks Brian Kinney up against the wall in the back room of Babylon. Then they go back to his place and do it some more. Could Brian become smitten enough with vamp dick that he'd lower himself to see the same trick twice? Will he puppy-dog himself up to Spike's side the next time he spots him in the club?

2. Another Spike-as-a-girl story, with S/X and light violence. Because there can never be too many of those. Apparently Spike-as-a-girl is a bulletproof kink of mine.

3. A sweet, shmoopy, completely romantic story where Spike is Xander's willing slave. Yes. A shmoopy slave story. Shut up.

4. A Lindsey/Angel story where Lindsey comes to work for Angel and redeems himself and Angel winds up falling for him hard, and they get it on, and they live imperfectly-happily ever after.

5. Spike and Wes. That's all. Just more Spike and Wes. One good story. I don't think I care what it's about. They could buy groceries. And then have sex.

You know, I think I have hundreds of Spikes milling around my head like those Agent Smith clones in the Matrix. All of them wanting to be petted. My head is filled with Spike. If I shake my head, he dances!

This is my scary-girl icon in honor of the deep, deep sadness that is me.

warm jigsaw

Sometimes I look at a phrase that I've written and that I rather like and wonder if I've unconsciously stolen it from someone else. So I went and googled "warm jigsaw." There were a few meaningless hits, and one for a story I've definitely never read before. It's a celebrity fan-fiction story, Sometimes, about Keanu Reeves, and it appears to be sort of Mary Sueish in the same way that James Marsters is "sort of" attractive to women or Brian Kinney "sort of" likes dick. Wherever the chick's name appears in the story it's indicated by the phrase "insert your name here." So you can, like, insert your name. There. E.g.,

A full smile beamed at him, knocking the breath right out of his lungs. "Sure." She extended her hand. "I'm (insert your name here)."

Sadly, I can't mock this. Because goofiness is relative, not hierarchical and because I write Spike/Lorne. I can, however, share. La la la.

(no subject)

I'm trying to remember any part of my dream that would make it a narrative but all I get is:
  • I did something to cause the temperature to rise in a reservoir and it's affecting the San Andreas fault.
  • I am trying to escape southern California by driving my motorcycle through swarms of midges and they fill my mouth.
  • In my dream, I need to do laundry. (It's like life!)
  • I am hiding under my grandfather's desk while a woman in a wheelchair tries to buy lightbulbs from me. She then executes some kind of desperate attempt to fix a sink that ends with her entire body covered in slime.
  • Faith in Buffy's body comes to my room, searches through my drawers. When she tries to leave, I lock the door and tell her we need to have a little talk. I am wearing a magical necklace--in fabulous macrame!
This was my nap. I think the attempt to escape SoCal was a continuation of a fantasy I'd been having where S&X flee the collective wrath of the Scoobs, who were going to do unkind things to Spike, like stake him. They go to New York City. Spike gets his chip out. And then they basically sit and stare at each other with nothing to say like Riley & Buffy at the end of "Hush" because I can't figure out what happens next.

People's icons are sometimes mesmerizing, especially barkley's Halloween one, which is apparently an image of small ghost puppies. And I love Herself's new Spike--I can't stop wanting to play with his hair, his skin is so squeaky-clean he appears to have become a Very Special Ken doll, and overall he looks, like, forty percent more Swedish than usual.

I am groggy and disoriented. Spike and Xander are holed up in a one-room apartment in one of the NYC boroughs, Queens maybe, and Spike is trying to decide if he can keep his white hat on over his devil horns.

Meanwhile, Deb has written a stunning Snape/Harry story that is dark. And also a bit dark. Also? Kind of dark. *sniffle* But it's also wonderful, and stands out as more matter-of-factly plausible than many other S/H stories I've read, and Snape! Snape! With the Snapeness! And...sniffle.

Also, I seem to be getting all of "Serena's" spam. Is e-mail like postal mail? I feel very concerned that I have misreceived her notices and not forwarded them on. Should I try to find this "Serena" and make sure she gets her offers of government grants and Sildenafil Citrate?

...slowly tries to claw self upright from deep kittenish well of grogginess...