October 7th, 2003



Can anyone point me to good Wes/Denisof image galleries, ones with lots of clean, crisp shots? Bonus points for images from early third season (circa "That Vision Thing") and the whole Scruffy Wes Phase.

Wes in "The Vision Thing" with the glasses and the hair and that dark shirt--he's like the beautiful bastard love child of Kyan and Ted.

thebratqueen is trying to kill me with kink. Each new installment in her LJ just adds another anal love bead to the chain.

Er...no. I didn't just say that.

Meanwhile, I've been having Wes/Spike thoughts. Images. Disjointed narratives of hotness. Can I ask for Wes/Spike recs? Am I being too greedy and grabby this morning?

I realized this morning that I don't have--to my knowledge--a single person on my LJ list who's a current, active Sentinel fan. I think there's maybe one or two people who are watching the show on SciFi, and others for whom it's a reserve fandom (not dead, just resting), but no one writing, vidding, and giving day-to-day squee. I think I'm okay with this, but I'm curious as to whether Sentinel fandom and LJ just never overlapped/meshed, or if there are Sentinel fans on LJ and they're just off clumped together somewhere in a place I've never stumbled across. Hmm.

My Day, by Anna S.

In meetings today, there have been discussions of Cheryl Tiegs, Wheel of Fortune, personal fashion, Lord of the Rings, and genocide.

Comments heard around the office:

- "Somebody wake up Hicks."
- "You shouldn't have tied me to the chair and covered me with honey."

In the shuttle from one building to another, the radio played a sound clip of Bush commenting on the CIA leak and as soon as he started talking everyone began wincing and snickering. The man has no credibility.