September 20th, 2003


beer bad, friends good

I am ending my vacation laid up on my couch with my neck and shoulder all bent out of shape. Knock on wood, this doesn't rival the Week of Great Pain, 2001 (or whenever it was), but I'm immobile by choice and fairly whiny. Then sherroldish came by and brought me a gift of a potted plant, and a cheeseburger and french fries and Tylenol with codeine. Dear god, I love her.

I've been pitter-pattering on my laptop all day from a supine--I think--position, while my BtVS season two DVDs play in the background, mostly without sound. I've watched everything from "Surprise" to the finale, which is on now. I still get rabidly eroticized at the end of IOHEFY when Spike steps out of his wheelchair a la Bob Roberts, and kicks it aside with rage. Sweet Jesus, he is the hotness. But also Angel. Angelus, I should say. In the black silk and leather with the pale skin of evil. I think I've watched this season for what might be the fifth time now, and each time he digs his way in a little deeper, like a tick. I've got this one smirk in particular burned on my retinas though I've already forgotten the context. And the sight of him polishing Giles's glasses...holy cow. And then to Spike again, allying with Buffy, stepping up to meet her in front of the police car, and playing along for Joyce when Buffy pretends to be in a band. He was never more fucking pretty than in season two. He was sex in black boots. But again...Angelus. I must admit to feeling the man love.

Funnily enough, I am writing Spike-and-Angel snark today. Heh.

I think I had more to say but the codeine is kicking in. Codeine and whiskey. Mmm. I am the love child of sloth and booze.

ETA: Reason #318 why kjv31 is the savviest fanboy around.


Giles in "Dead Man's Party," strong-arming Snyder to get Buffy back into school: cornering the man in his office with a hand to the throat, smiling down at him as he says, "Would you like me to convince you?" A few decades earlier he was Rippering around London and conjuring demons; four months earlier he was going after Angel with fury and a savage burn for vengeance. Two years later, he's unsheathed steel from velvet enough to kill a man in cold blood; two years after that and he's willing to let another man murder Spike, and aid him with all deliberateness.

I don't think Giles was ever out of character, but he was given short shrift, especially toward the end. All that wasted effort on the red herring--is he or isn't he?--of whether he's the First's apparition, when with the council largely destroyed, he could have stepped into the vacuum and become a huge power player of consummate skill, manipulating events and people, taking up the reins of command and coming to a *real* clash with Buffy--and then both of them coming to terms in the aftermath, as they build new alliances and authority systems and traditions.

Yeah, it's all about the what-might-have-been now.


I just realized that Buffy left her claddagh ring on the floor of Angel's crypt at the end of "Faith, Hope & Trick" and yet I mentioned her having it at the end of the last noir. I don't remember if Angel, in canon, found it and gave it back...though if it wasn't shown on screen, I can always fanwank it, yes? I'm only fucked if at some later point he offered it and she refused it and I totally forgot an entire pivotal scene.

Though even then in an AU, I guess anything goes...later storylines, missing seasons, etc. But does anyone remember what happens to the ring? Is its fate revealed in a later episode?