September 3rd, 2003


Avoiding Computer Angst with B-Movies

Right. Here's the list of horror movies I have seen or mostly seen, and am half-assedly thinking of reviewing. All were found on horror lists, though I think they wander off-genre a bit here and there. I've left off a few seminal movies like "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" that I can't say much about, and a lot of MST3K fodder.

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my last post was stupid

And I am filled with boring self-loathing tonight.

Here are the only worthwhile bits from that post:

I hereby kiss rubywisp. You should too. Just because. She is a lovely wench.

I am still staggered by wiseacress's story, Dark Horse. I don't think I've told her though. Because I have been distracted by the monstrousness of computers and other things. Or because I just like to make excuses. It is an amazing story. (I talk in simple sentences. Brain off.) I read it at the same time I was finishing the final book of Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy, recommended a while back by some smart person whose name I'm suddenly blanking on, and anyway, I noticed a similarity of style between their works, a kind of shadowed starkness of rooms and thoughts.