September 1st, 2003



My Norton AntiVirus download has vanished after *uninstalling* my old version and left me now completely without a program or icon or visible means to install.

I continue getting POP-UPS where I shouldn't, when using or LiveJournal or Google, even though I've done everything under the sun to get rid of them and I want to weep and choke someone so fucking bad I can taste it.

I thought I could reinstall Windows and maybe that would work, but my Windows 98 CD won't reinstall because I have a "mismatched setupx .dll."

I don't know if I have the system resources for Windows XP.

I hate everything about my stupid computer at this moment and have wasted hours of my life trying to rescue it from kidnappers. I hate the pop-up shits who hacked my computer even more and want them to die slowly, their bellies torn open by weasels.
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I am still cranky.

I'm afraid I'm going to be an utter non-fannish bore, at least until my computer woes are over. I did a million things to try to rid my computer of pop-ups and I do now have pop-up killer software, but it hasn't fixed the underlying problem--the pop-ups still start to appear, and now I get this little zapper icon on my screen as the software kills them, which is nice and all, but it makes my stomach lurch every. single. time. I suspect that my sickening rage is not going to go away until the pop-ups do.

This weekend wasn't totally without pleasurable distractions, though. And lanning made some more zen icons. I've stopped stashing any new ones away because it's too bountiful, but just looking at the new ones always make me incredibly happy for a good minute or two, which is as much as I can expect.

Saw "Ginger Snaps" last night, the last of my rentals. It was miles better than the average horror movie--very clever and watchable--which is what all the reviews had promised, but there were parts where it dragged unexpectedly, and the closer it moved toward the ending, the more strangely disappointing I found its dramatic twists, its climax and resolution. I'm not even sure why.

The girl who played Ginger kept reminding me of Faith, and the way her relationship with her sister played out as she got wilder and began acting out was a lot like Faith's relationship with Buffy. And though Bridget wasn't much like Buffy on the surface, she was morally reactive in certain ways, while going the distance to help her sister. It had a very Buffyish feel overall.

I need software to slow time. I don't want this weekend to end twelve hours from now when I have to drag myself out of bed and go to work, and *do* work. But at least the side-benefit of a three-day weekend is a four-day week.