August 23rd, 2003



post of the day

Absolutely fascinating post that examines how the BtVS cast would fare in the British educational system, posted by peasant_. Kind of an analytical AU, and a must-read.

SG1: Evolution

I'm sorry...was there an episode on last night? I blanked out at 9:00 p.m. and came to again at 10:00 p.m., harboring the strong suspicion that I was abducted by aliens and experimented on with some kind of sexual mind-control device, because the only thing I remember are vivid flashes of Daniel with bare, muscular arms and bandanas and blindfolds and stubble.

poem of the day

Saint Judas by James Wright.


If you've written me in the last 3 days, I no longer have your e-mail. I hadn't been downloading any mail because of the virus, but the numbers of attachments had been dropping, and I came home tonight from being out most of the day and started to DL, then interrupted the program as I realized I should do one last check of my mail online, but apparently my fucking mail program kept running in the background in some form or fashion because when I opened it up again, there were a hundred completely blank messages in my inbox, a handful of survivors, and nothing left on the server.

I'd glanced at most of it, headers if nothing else, so I know there should be only a handful of personal messages; the rest was just from mailing lists, or copies of LJ comments that I've already read.

Anyway. Please resend if you're so inclined.

Edited to add: I found I have a partial message from someone named Marianne; the return address is missing now, and there's no IP address, nothing but a few lines of text and some truncated HTML gibberish. I'm not sure that this is from anyone who knows me through LJ, but maybe someone here knows someone by that name who might have sent e-mail...? This is so....ARGHHHHH.
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