August 11th, 2003


okay, then.

I've read my first Gilmore Girls fan-fiction. I don't remember to watch the show every week, but I've seen enough to know whether or not a piece of fiction comes close to canon tone and dialogue and characterization, and this did a great job. And it's a BtVS crossover with Spike. I am amused.

Somehow I've signed up for a 90-minute training session that I don't especially need on a Monday when I've got a ton of work I should be doing instead. And it begins in 33 minutes. But then again, it means I can defer getting my day started for that much longer, because really, I am just not feeling the love today.

So I have a question for any poet-type people reading this: when does sound in a poem resolve to sense? Do you have any favorite poems that seem on the surface to be nonsense but which carry meaning to you because their sound stitches together associations? I've just been pushing my way through some John Ashbery again and a lot of his stuff just doesn't come together for me. But some of my own stuff--I was rereading and reworking old poems this weekend--would probably appear just as scattered and incoherent to others, and yet I'm finding that a lot of it still resonates for me.

I puzzle a lot over poetry. I study those yearly anthologies of best poetry, or pick through what gets printed in magazines, or reread poems that have graduated to Norton anthologies, and I try to figure out the difference between ephemeral crap and timeless verse. Like, I've analyzed the first lines of famous poems versus the first lines of New Yorker poems, and it seems to me that the ones that make the grade have a hook that most poems don't. Not a trick necessarily, but an almost ineffable quality. I want to say, a music. But then, I like music in poetry. Slant rhyme if not direct rhyme. When I look at a lot of what gets published I'm baffled because it seems like prosaic junk to me. But I can't figure out how my own poetry fits into the big picture. I can tell the quality of my fiction to some degree--poetry, not.

I'd post more of my poetry here, but it's the one thing I'm paranoid about. What if it *is* actually good, what if someone stole it and published it and got famous for my words, while I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs in my LJ? (Eye roll at self.)

Apparently I want to talk about poetry today.