August 7th, 2003


kisses and dreams

anniesj is a peep-smoking freak! Discuss.

::kisses Annie::

I slept twelve hours last night and had a dozen dreams. In one, I was wandering around downtown Seattle, which had turned into a university district, and I was trying to get home by bus, but they kept pulling out before I could reach them. I chased after one through the crowds of students and ended up on a side street I'd never seen before. A girl started to give me directions, pointing up a slanted alley that she said would take me back to Pine Street, but she ended up walking along with me part of the way. We wended through a huge bazaar, a series of semi-subterranean dens and rathskellers linked by dim tunnels, in which an array of goths and sexual fetishists lounged. It was fabulous and I kept staring at everything, wondering how I'd managed for years to miss this whole wild area of the city, so close to where I lived. We stopped a few times in shops and at cafe counters, and I struck up conversation with a tall bald man like a genie, dressed in a green velvet robe, who was keeping Spike as his love slave and bartender, chained behind a bar. The bar itself was vivid, with a scarred top and some kind of broken window high on the wall behind it, with stark whitish-grey light filtering down. Spike made me a latte.

I wish it were overcast today. I wish that every day.

beautiful men

I made some new icons and every now and then I go and stare at my LJ icons page and drift off for a minute. I thought I'd post them here, pretty boys all in a row. Sorry, I am not sharing these. ;) But you see why I want more than 10 icons, because where's Daniel? And Wes? Justin? And Blair and Jim? So not fair!

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I hate other people's serenity and social popularity and plans to do fun things, and the money they have, and how they can get along with everyone, whereas I am always this hulking seething mass of rage and discontent who can't even sit in the same room with people without wanting to punch them.

Mood swing. Am feeling heavy-headed and hateful.

better now.

Left work, lay on my couch, ate bacon, watched MST3K, dozed off. Then the office paged me and I shifted myself off the couch like a surly polar bear heaving itself up from a winter nap, blinked several times, and took a conference call with a bunch of people, during which I slowly woke up. Then I read my LJ. Y'all are nice to me.

I'm going to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and hang around with Joel and the bots some more.

oh, okay.

Bleeding now. In the womanly way. That explains a lot.

Among other things I hate: people who use women's hormones as a reason to exclude them from power. But also: women who say that having PMS is no excuse for being in a mood, because we should all be able to control ourselves like good little solidiers in polite society.

In a perfect world, women would fill 52% of the seats of government, *and* get three days off a month to sleep, eat chocolate, and throw bricks at things.